About Us

Founded in 2002 from the very humble beginning. Centrum Funiture is a leading solid wood furniture manufacturer in Indonesia as well as furniture wholesaler in Australia.

All of our furniture and accessories is available from our warehouse in Sydney, or in container load direct from our factory in Solo, Indonesia to customer's destinations worldwide.

We confidently believe that Centrum furniture produce the best quality of hand-made solid wood furniture base on the following reasons:

  • Every product is made from timber that has been kiln dried in our own kiln that adopted "Dehumidifaction Drying System"
  • All of our furniture is made by our professional craftsmen that already have years of experience in producing high quality furniture
  • We treat the timber with a non residual effect chemical to eliminate any kind of ensects and bugs and prevent its reinvestation during production process
  • We also implement very stringent quality controls in every stages of production

The drawing of our products was inspired by historical as well as contemporary design. in this process, yet we have never compromised functionality and durability of the product. We endeavour to regularly introduce functional and stylish products. We also welcome any custom made order or modification request from our container load customer.

As price is one of the most important factors that influence the end-user's decision in making a purchase, we aspire to produce our customer with the lowest price possible without compromising our standard quality. We always try to structure the cost at minimum and pass the saving to our customer in attemp to achieve higher volume turn over. We guarantee our customer to get the lowest possible price on the same quality product.

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